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Routine heating and cooling maintenance isn’t just a “good idea.” In fact, it’s been proven that regularly maintained HVAC equipment lasts years longer than neglected equipment. In order to do its job, your HVAC system requires cleaning, lubrication, safety inspections, filter changes, and more.

When you take care of your equipment, it returns the favor by having a long, healthy life. Best of all, your energy-efficient system will save you both time and money for years to come.


Stuck in a maintenance contract that’s not doing the job? We’ll honor your existing contract at no cost to you! When you sign up for one of our Comfort Clubs, we’ll perform any remaining maintenance service, free of charge. All that’s required is a credit card to put on file and enrollment in our monthly payment plan. If you need to cancel at any time, you’ll only be charged the regular price for services that have been performed—and refunded for those which haven’t. No fees, penalties, or pesky fine print—period.

At 1st Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, we take pride in doing honest business with our customers. In that spirit, we have some basic terms and conditions for our Comfort Clubs that spell out each party’s rights, responsibilities, and obligations.

By signing up for one of our Comfort Clubs, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, so please take a few moments to look them over at your convenience. Please be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

Owning, or even sometimes renting, a home in Howell, NJ, requires general maintenance to keep your investment in working order. It’s really all about being prepared. Per Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Maintaining your home’s systems and appliances wards off emergency situations and costly repairs while extending your equipment’s life. Take the time and money to perform general maintenance on a regular basis. Many of the maintenance services require the knowledge, skills, and tools of a professional. During the maintenance or service call, our technician will discuss any necessary repairs and/or alert you of a possible situation. Call 1st Choice Heating and Air Conditioning to assist you in maintaining any of the following or to answer any questions you may have:

Furnace Maintenance

We highly recommend an annual service tune-up and cleaning for your furnace. Typically the optimum time of year to perform the maintenance is the fall, before you fire up your furnace for the cold weather. The purpose of the service tune-up is to keep your system running at top efficiency throughout the season, so you have heat whenever you need it. Our experienced technician will clean and check all the connections, controls, sensors, drains, motors, ducts, valves, and blowers, as well as your ignition assembly, thermostat(s), and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Following your tune-up, our technician will instruct you on anything you could do yourself as maintenance between our service visits. One absolute action you can take is to change your furnace filter with the correct replacement every three months, or as needed. This goes a long way in extending the life of your furnace, as well as keeping your furnace repairs to a minimum and your indoor air quality high.

Boiler Maintenance

When you invest in a boiler system, you want to ensure it warms your home on a continued basis as efficiently as the day it was installed. You also want to do all you can to support the longevity of your system. Proper regular maintenance accomplishes both of these. A boiler is complex and requires a professional hand on an annual basis to clean and check it. During your maintenance service, our professional technicians will clean and check your boiler’s burners, combustion chamber, heat exchanger, controls, vents, tank, pipes, belts, anode rods, connections, drains, linings, and all connected components, as well as your thermostat(s) and smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. Following your tune-up, our technician will instruct you on anything you could do yourself as maintenance between our service visits. One absolute action you can take is to change your boiler filter with the correct replacement every three months, or as needed. This goes a long way in extending the life of your furnace, as well as keeping your furnace repairs to a minimum and your indoor air quality high.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

For air conditioners, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed in the spring. Our professional technician will check and clean the connections, coils, blower components, lines, refrigerant, drain, fuses, and thermostat(s), as well as lubricate all working parts. Maintenance you can do yourself between service visits is to remove any yard debris or vegetation from the top and sides of your outdoor air conditioner unit, as well as to keep it covered with an air conditioner cover or tarp in the winter.

Heat Pump Maintenance

For heat pumps, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed in the fall, same as furnaces and boilers. Our professional technician will check and clean ducts, filters, blower, indoor coil, ducts, refrigerant, electric terminals, connections, motors, and belts, as well as lubricate all working parts. Be sure to change or clean the filter every three months or as needed. You can also clean the outdoor coils whenever they seem dirty, and keep yard debris and vegetation away from the unit.

Whole-House Humidifier Maintenance

For whole-house humidifiers, an annual service tune-up and cleaning is recommended, usually performed at the same time as your furnace tune-up and cleaning. Our professionals include this maintenance along with the furnace appointment. Typically there isn’t much in the way of maintenance; however, our technician will change your humidifier pad and clean any mineral buildup you may have (in the case of hard water). Ask our technician to show you how to dissolve the buildup on your own every few months to keep your humidifier working at top efficiency.

At 1st Choice Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re here to to assist you in maintaining your home’s systems or to answer any of your questions about maintenance. Keeping your equipment in good working order allows you peace of mind to know they’ll be there when you need them. It also makes good financial sense to keep equipment serviced to help extend their life spans. Here in Howell, NJ, call us at 732-256-9149 to make an appointment now.

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Gas Furnace Maintenance in Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

“Our technician, Justin was on time, efficient and professional from start to finish. We are very happy with the work that was completed and will definitely be using 1st Choice again in the future!” – Jenny O.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Freehold, NJ 07728

“Justin was a great technician who came for the seasonal maintenance on the A/C and fielded questions we had about the furnace. I appreciate his open dialogue and I learned more about the systems operation. He's an asset to the company.”

– Michael T.

Radiant Flooring Maintenance in Howell, NJ 08527

“Justin and James came to find out why my system was not operating.
Found problem and got the system up and running.
They were great and I am very pleased.
Two great technicians with excellent knowledge and very good personal interaction.
It was a pleasure doing business with 1st Choice.”

– Cono P.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Howell, NJ 07731

“Recent visit from Justin E. went very well, impressed with his professionalism and courtesy. Thanks for the help Justin”

– Adam S.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Other, NJ 07712

“Justin was friendly and knowledgeable – explained every service he was doing very professional would be happy for to have him next time”

– Grace F.

Boiler Maintenance in Ocean County, NJ 08757

“Hello! Chris just left after a boiler tune-up. Punctual, neat, tidy, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient.. And…he didn't mind me watching him. He even said he likes explaining what he's doing to his customers. Many maintenance packages to fit every budget. The pricing is reasonable and the work is exceptional. Can hardly wait for spring to have my AC tuned!”

– joanne s.

Geothermal Maintenance in Jackson, NJ 08527

“Todd was very courteous. And neat (covered his work boots with a shoe cover upon entering). He explained the entire system well to me, and im not very good at comprehending machines. 10 points to you, todd. Thank you”

– Malkie K.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Manalapan, NJ 07726

“Todd was super helpful, knowledgeable, and detailed in his service. Was very easy and pleasant working with him.”

– Sonia T.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Farmingdale, NJ 07727

“Hi and Good Morning,

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the excellent service. Kevin was here the other day and I cannot say enough how much I appreciated his friendly demeanor and the knowledge he had of our heat pump systems. You guys continue to impress us! It’s rare these days that one feels he can trust any business, but all of you at 1st Choice have shown us a trustworthy, honest business ethic, which is a shining star in this day and age. We hope to have a long relationship with your company, and are thankful we’ve found someone we can trust to care for our heat pumps.

Thanks again! Hehe – I actually look forward to the next cleaning and checkup for the system!

Have a great day!”

– Christine A.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Manasquan, NJ 08736

“I just wanted to say a very big big big THANK YOU to Gabe of 1st Choice, to 1st Choice itself and, most of all, to Nick, who did the work diligently and put my AC back in order!! He did a great job in beastly heat, in a very good mood – and I must say you folks have a fine young man in your employ.

So, I thank you all again and, especially, Nick!”

– Lynn D.

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