Pet of the Month Articles

August 2021 Pet of the Month Winner – Keeno!

September 15, 2021

The Winner of 1st Choice’s Pet of the Month Club for August is Keeno! Keeno is a pure bred yellow lab. He just turned 8 years old. He is a career-changed leader dog from Leader Dogs For Blind. He was adopted at 13 months old. He loves all people. He is a new uncle. His…

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July 2021 Pet of the Month Winner – Rhonda!

August 10, 2021

The First 1st Choice Pet of the Month for July 2021 is Rhonda!Rhonda is a long haired dachshund from Howell, NJ. Rhonda was born blind and deaf and was rescued by her owners from a puppy mill. She is AMAZING, well adjusted and her big brother is her guide dog! Rhonda loves everyone and we…

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