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Are you looking to stay warm in New Jersey? If you're not a cold weather person, the boiler is your best friend. Like standing by a campfire, radiant heat helps you warm up quickly.

This form of heating feels warmer than a forced air system like a furnace or heat pump. That's because forced air units use blowers to produce ventilation, which some homeowners find too breezy. Also, forced air units heat in cycles, which means the temperature fluctuates a few degrees from your thermostat setting between these cycles.

1st Choice Heating and Air Conditioning is pleased to provide a diverse array of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality (IAQ) products to our customers in Howell and nearby.

The Advantages of a Boiler System

Boilers have significantly improved within the past decade-especially in the efficiency department. If you've owned your boiler for 10 years or longer, upgrading to a new one will help reduce your energy usage.

For example, let's say your boiler is 56 percent AFUE (a typical efficiency rating for boilers manufactured 10 years ago). Upgrading to a 90 percent AFUE unit could reduce your carbon emissions by about 1.5 tons per year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Boiler Installation and Replacement

Need a new boiler system installed? We're here to get it done. Whether you need a unit replacement or all new piping, our team of HVAC experts is ready to assist.

Boiler Repairs

On a cold New Jersey winter's night, you can rest easy-1st Choice Heating and Air Conditioning has you covered.

We offer 24/7 emergency repair services for our customers in Howell and nearby communities.  

Give us a call anytime your boiler is misbehaving. Here are a few common repair calls:

  • Weak water pressure
  • Leaky tank
  • No heat

Our HVAC specialists arrive promptly. We'll diagnose the issue quickly and provide a repair quote before service. Additionally, we back up all our repairs with a warranty-it's only fair for our valued customers.

Boiler Maintenance

An annual maintenance visit from a professional is crucial for your boiler's health. It ensures your boiler will live up to its projected lifespan. Additionally, it means fewer repairs and lower utility costs.

Here's what your HVAC expert will do during a visit:

  • Remove water sediment from the tank
  • Look for signs of corrosion
  • Replace the anode rod
  • Check the heating element to make sure it's working safely

Our 1st Choice Comfort Club makes maintenance simple and trouble-free. Our office will give you a friendly reminder call when it's time for service. You'll also enjoy plenty of perks, including discounts and priority service.

Upgrade Your Boiler Today!

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Customer Reviews

Boiler Repair in Howell, NJ 07726

February 2, 2019

“1st Choice was recommended to me by a friend so I called the Howell office and Gabe was able to get me an appt the same day for a problem with my boiler. Bill came to my house and determined I needed a new part. He was very nice and professional and gave me an overall assessment of my very old system but said it was worth replacing this part. Unfortunately, the part needed to be ordered and another guy would need to come the next day to install it.

The next day, a guy that came to my house, I think his name was Mike, was not very professional and I could tell from the minute he walked in the door I was going to have a problem. And I did. He was brand new with 1st Choice. He did install the new part I needed, but I had no heat. I called Gabe back and told her the situation and I said I do not want the same guy back in my house, so she said "definitely not" and would send Chris, her husband/owner.

Well, Chris came back to my house the same day and was very professional, like Bill. I explained the story regarding Mike and said I wasn't particularly happy. He looked at my system and, after quite a long time of examining it, he determined Mike did install the part correctly but there was another issue that Chris believed may have been intentionally caused by Mike. Chris told me that before he arrived to my house, he had already fired Mike, which didn't surprise me in the least. Chris was brutally honest with me and told me what Mike had possibly done. I was floored with what he said but I was more appreciative that he told me the truth as opposed to trying to hide it. Because of his honesty, I was not angry at all and simply grateful for telling me what happened and he was able fix/correct the problem.

I guess sometimes you never truly know the people you hire and this guy (Mike) was a bad dude. He had a bad attitude when he arrived to my house, complained about the company to me and I can now see why he has jumped around from company to company. Hindsight: I should have told him to leave the minute he walked in.

I am thrilled, however, to find a heating/AC company which is owned by a guy like Chris who takes his job very seriously and knows, understands and appreciates how hard it is to get a new customer and, more importantly, keep a new customer. That new customer is me and I would call 1st Choice with any system issue.

Maybe the best part was Gabe, who answers all the phone calls. She is calm and is genuinely concerned with any problem you have and if you need someone the same day, does her best to get someone there. Thank you 1st Choice.” – Andrew F.

- Andrew F.

Boiler Replacement in Toms River, NJ 08755

January 11, 2019

“Having just moved to the area, and buying an older home, I was not familiar with any contractors here. In the middle of the winter, I woke up with no heat, and a severe case of bronchitis. After calling several contractors, 1st Choice was the only one who not only responded, but came out within a few hours. Gabe was wonderful on the phone. Chris was very professional and explained everything to me in detail. We needed a new boiler, and since I now had no heat or hot water, Gabe assisted me in getting my paperwork with NJNG expedited. She treated me like family. The technicians, Bill and Dan were superb. They were very professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and so kind even though it was a long day for them in cold weather. They made sure they answered all of my questions, and they even offered me extra portable heaters so I would stay warm while they installed the boiler. Despite being a long day for them, they did not leave until they made sure the system was working properly. 1st Choice Heating and AC – sophisticated technology with old-fashioned professionalism – you will always be 1st Choice with me!”

– Lisa N.

Boiler Maintenance in Ocean County, NJ 08757

September 24, 2018

“Hello! Chris just left after a boiler tune-up. Punctual, neat, tidy, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient.. And…he didn't mind me watching him. He even said he likes explaining what he's doing to his customers. Many maintenance packages to fit every budget. The pricing is reasonable and the work is exceptional. Can hardly wait for spring to have my AC tuned!”

– Joanne S.